The Mystery Math Explained, Part 1 

Lots of lonely people with above average math skills have been “gaming” the online dating system as of late. The first one I saw was the story of the kid that created his own algorithm to further refine the results of OK Cupid’s dubious algorithm. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that poor […]

Draft 1 complete 

Draft 1 of OK Stupid The Book is done. My editors have it in their inboxes. In between ads for 80% off Viiagra(sic) and shipments updates from Amazon it waits for their grubby, ink stained hands. Want to know how it starts? Settle down. Here, are the opening paragraphs. Enjoy. Dating blows. Those that do […]

OK Stupid, The Book 

Howdy, Not a lot of posting as of late because life has gotten in the way of my hobby of sending out messages to the ladies of the Internet. Fear not, I’ve been working on OK Stupid The Book. One day it will be OK Stupid The Movie, OK Stupid The Lunchbox, and OK Stupid […]


I can’t do it anymore. The silly, sarcastic and absurd experience of online dating has run its course. It was entertaining for a bit, but everyone has the same story. It’s depressing. I don’t like depressing. The few things I’ve learned from this experiement are: New York City is full of women that have not […]

You and you’re 

There is a deep obsession among a large percentage of women that insist that their potential suitors have a grasp of 3rd grade grammar. A least 83% of the profiles we’ve surveyed contain something similar to: Must know the difference between your and you’re. The staff at OK Stupid know the difference. The difference is that if […]