The top 5 secrets of online flirting 

Flirting in the real world is confusing. How do you know if that special someone is checking you out or if they suffer from astigamatism? It’s impossible. The early stages of flirting is all about winks, gestures and tricks with marachino cherries. You can’t go up to someone and talk to them without passing through […]

Top 5 ways to get out of a bad date 

Hi there. You’ve studied the OK Stupid site, crafted the perfect message and landed a date. Ear hairs are plucked, and your body is perfumed in a bath of chemical companies such as Fragrance and Urea. Date time arrives and your online suitor is not quite what you expected. Here are the top 5 ways […]

Top 5 online dating warning signs 

After interviewing close to no people at all OK Stupid has compiled a list of the top 5 warning signs in online dating profiles. Drumroll, without further ado, the winners are, after these messages… “Know the difference between your and you’re” Translations: I want to be beaten. Relax. It’s an online dating site. Most people […]

top 5 online dating lies 

The number crunching super computers here at OK Stupid have been hard at work. After extensive analysis here the top 5 lies people list on their online profiles. Really outgoing Umm… if you are, why are you hiding out online? Religion and laughing about it If you list your religion, but try to downplay it […]

Top 5 things men and women look at 

They say in the real world the first thing women notice about a man are his shoes and his watch. I’m not sure why anyone would still wear a watch and frankly it’s too hot out to wear pants let alone shoes. We surveyed a half a person to see what are the top five […]