Top 5 things men and women look at

They say in the real world the first thing women notice about a man are his shoes and his watch. I’m not sure why anyone would still wear a watch and frankly it’s too hot out to wear pants let alone shoes.

We surveyed a half a person to see what are the top five thing that women and men look at when viewing an online dating profile.

What a man looks at

  • Pictures
  • Age
  • Location
  • Pictures
  • If they are online now

No surprises there. Men are shallow and simple.

The number one thing women can do to improve their dating options is remove all photos of their cats.

Now onto the better sex.

What a woman looks at

  • Income
  • Height
  • Education
  • Grammar
  • Pictures

When asked why pictures are not the first thing that women look at they responded that most guys look like shit in a photo. They don’t wear a shirt when most of them should be wearing a shirt in a swimming pool or the photos are of them playing golf.

The number one thing men can change to improve their dating options is to become taller.


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