top 5 online dating lies

The number crunching super computers here at OK Stupid have been hard at work. After extensive analysis here the top 5 lies people list on their online profiles.

  • Really outgoing
    Umm… if you are, why are you hiding out online?
  • Religion and laughing about it
    If you list your religion, but try to downplay it by indicating that you don’t take it too seriously, you’re full of beans. Rotted, botulism infused beans.
  • Looking for an activity partner
    “Activity partner” is the creepiest phrase ever. If you want someone to have sex with just say it. “Activity partner” makes it sound bad. Almost as if you are asking someone to take a dump on you.
  • Only drinks socially
    And by socially you mean when in public, or in your bathroom at 2am or when breathing.
  • Great sense of humor
    The golden rule of this site is that if you have to mention how you have a sense of humor, you don’t. Not even close. You cry when people get hit with a pie in the face and think puns are the highest form of comedy.
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