You and you’re

There is a deep obsession among a large percentage of women that insist that their potential suitors have a grasp of 3rd grade grammar. A least 83% of the profiles we’ve surveyed contain something similar to:

Must know the difference between your and you’re.

The staff at OK Stupid know the difference. The difference is that if this is your criteria for a potential date than you’re an asshole.

While it is in nice to see in this era of texting that some people are concerned about holding onto the remnants of the English language it’s also a dickish thing to write. It is particularly dickish because of the 83% of the profiles that contain this request 95% of them:

  • lack capitalization
  • avoid use of punctuation such as a period.
  • disregard spellcheck
  • contain photos of a cat in costume

It’s online dating. Try to keep the assholery to a minimum. Be an asshole in person, not on the Internet.

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