The mystery math

She has faith in the mystery math percentages provided by an online dating site.


Do you know how the mystery math behind this sites percentages are calculated? There are three people trapped in a cage that randomly squawk out numbers and sometimes recipes for rye bread. At first those numbers were used to play Powerball but with a 1 in 327,845,112 chance of winning it was decided that these numbers could be used to predict the “match” worthiness of strangers based on answers to such questions as, “Which is bigger: The Sun or a Sundae?” Well how big is that Sundae? I was at a state fair once and they had a really big Sundae. And a 100 year old tortoise named Margret that loved the Rolling Stones.

That’s my theory for where these numbers come from. What’s yours?


Based on my calculations I have better chance of being Axl Rose than I do of her responding.

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