kiss my aura

She can see your aura, loves brussel sprouts and thinks about how we met.

A woman once told me that I lacked an aura. At that moment I wondered what poor choices I had made in my life, what series of events had led up to that moment and where the nearest exit was.

This online dating thing is bizarre, but you seem to have a good sense of humor. I just hope brussel sprouts being your favorite food is part of that humor.

As for how we met, well obviously it was diving into a shark infested pool trying to save a puppy that was knocked in by a panda. Don’t blame the panda though. It had a momentary freak out because of the alien apocalypse.

I think we should grab a drink and make sure that we really lack auras or is it aurans?

I didn’t even bother to start with a greeting. In addition to being odd I’m becoming impolite.

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