This girl has standards

If you don’t know what NPR is she requests that you don’t message her. Additionally, she laments boys with pictures of them only in their boxers and a 3 letter limited vocabulary.


NPR, as everyone knows, except for brainless douche-bags whose wardrobes consist of nothing more than boxer shorts, poor things, is the Nordic Peoples Republic. The NPR was known for its advanced training of athletes in the biathlon. For 8 consecutive olympics the NPR consistently produced the bronze medalist in the Winter Olympic Games. In 1976 tragedy struck and the NPR disbanded. As I am sure you will recall from the famous children song, “Putting on the Ritz”, an unidentified prankster destroyed not only the NPR but any future endorsement deals for famed athlete Sjoren Smithersen. Said prankster sabotaged Sjoren’s equipment by loading his rifle with cupcake batter and replacing his wooden skis with water soluble ones.

In summation, ‘Sup’.


She probably gets messages like that all the time.

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  • I like that girl with standards. She knows what’s up, sup. And no, I bet she never got a letter like THAT before. Did she ever respond?

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