419 is a joke in your town

She plans 419 scams, dreams of counterfeiting, likes Grolsch beer and gets upset at infanticide. No wonder we’re a 98% match.


The International Money Bank of Nigera has locked up my funds. I can use your help in helping the release of these funds ($1.00.000EU). The funds are to prevent the arson and infanticide cult of Grolsch beer drinking felines. Send grammar corrections now.

As you can probably tell I run an agency helping 419’ers, or as we call them in the biz 14s, craft the perfect message to help Westerns release their bank account information. I’m not going to lie. I’m the best at this. And the worst. I’m the only agency in town. Want to team up? I really need the money for an Intaglio press. Not going to say what my plans are for it.


I’m pretty sure she reported me. To something.

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