online dating letter #43

She was convinced that she could perform medical operations because she watches a lot of ER.


I am beyond mockable. Mockable? Yes, nothing about me is less than perfect except for those things that you’ll ignore.

I know the difference between your and you’re and yugoslavia. It’s (Or is it its? What is it? This is a really long parenthetical.) no longer a country so it doesn’t deserve capitalization.

I agree with you 100% on your dessert position, but cake does not make an angioplasty better. Although I doubt a doctor would forget a piece of cake inside a patient like they do with sponges. You’re (50 – 50 chance I’m right) the medical professional so I’ll defer to your expertise.

This was fun. And absurd. And now it’s over.


It was fun. It was absurd. It didn’t get no further. Or is it farther?

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