online dating letter #44

She contacted me first. Said that I was funny then a bug flew into her cheek. On her profile she wrote that she is an open book with a page missing.


We’d get along great. Then I’d make an inappropriate joke (inappropriate jokes are a myth like gravity. It’s not an invisible force that is keeping us down.) and you’d scratch me either physically or spiritual or both.

We’d get along great. One day you’d arrive very late (Let’s meet at 8. You’d show up on Tuesday) and I’d show you the missing page from your book. Then burn it.

We’d get along great and spend most of our time discussing whether or not we should join the rebels or move to a remote village in Slovenia and enjoy the final days of the planet.

Regardless of the scenario I think you’ll subconsciously associate me with the bug that flew into your cheek.

We should find out. I have a lot of questions.


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