online dating letter #28

I had to dig this one out of the archives but here is the real first online dating letter I sent. She had a blurry picture of her holding a violin. 

how does this work?Aug 23 – 11:36pm

Hello, I know the “right” way is not to start with “hello” but “how’s it going”. That sounds like a ridiculous way to say, well, hello.What next? Why you out of everyone else? It comes down to the violin. It’s not some weird fetish involving cat guts but I know what snap pizzicato and al tallone mean because once upon a time I used to write music for string quartets. Sadly, they weren’t that good but it was fun.Honestly, I have no idea how this is supposed to work. The whole online thing seems incredibly strange to me but beyond the obvious and the fact that you wrote that you are happy on a typical Friday night I figured I should give this a shot.


She replied the only way she could have… by deleting her account.

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  • This site has been consistently funny, but I have to say… The best part is learning I’m not the only one prompting women to delete their accounts. Such a relief!

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