I’ve never been to therapy

I dug this gem out the archives. I hope she had something about alien kidnapping in her profile.


Your profile is too coincidental to be a coincidence. I was once in a band called, “Dork” and you want to be a spontaneous one. Before that I was in a band that had a song called, “Burnt Orange” and you like that color. Oh my god, is this part of the alien kidnapping, mind meld process? Why don’t they have stronger air conditioning onboard their space vessel that seemingly resembles my apartment?

And I like Hockey, but I’m not a follower. I used to play it as a kid and I was the goalie. Not because I was a fat kid but because I had the biggest pads. And I sucked. And I was husky. Damn these aliens get me to write the darndest things.


Never did therapy or mescaline. Kinda think I should.

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  • Did those aliens make you sleep with the pigs in the slop house, too? No, wait. That was my mom. Never mind. Wrong website.

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