another potential quitter

She spends a lot of time thinking how to quit her jobs. I spend a lot of time thinking about the reactions people have when they receive one of these missives.


I run a class at the Learning Annex called, “How to quit all your jobs in 7 weeks.” It’s a prerequisite to my class, “Regretting your last Learning Annex Class.” They’re not that popular. In fact the Learning Annex pretends that I’m not part of their pretend school.


It was a long weekend. Like that matters. She responded. I’m just as stunned as you. The Math Monkeys ran the possibility at less than 1 to the power of way too much.

Ha. Is the Learning Annex real?

She used capitalization. Upon reading this message the Math Monkeys wondered if everything they’ve ever computed was wrong. Clearly folks, I’m out of my depth. Send in your suggested responses.

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