online dating letter #56

She lamented having never seen “It’s a wonderful life”.


I surprised myself the other day. My local laundromat hides mirrors above the dryers. I didn’t expect to see myself there. I startled.

Not seeing “It’s a wonderful life” should be a point of pride. My parents forced me to watch it every year at gun point or else Santa wouldn’t come.

None of that’s true, but at the age of nine sometimes being politely asked to do anything can be brutal.

Either way, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is a much better holiday film. Thoughts?


That’s a pretty damn good message, right? A week later she responded with the following:

Charlie Brown is always better. Glad to hear you survived your murderous parents.

Why even bother responding?

I wrote back.


The verdict is out as to whether or not I survived my parents.

thanks for your concern. Send help.


Let’s see if she sends another verbose, well thought out reply.

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