online dating letter #55

She spends too much time behind a desk and wants to know how to fix her car. She also wonders what people do right before they go to bed.


What kind of desk are you spending too much time behind? A great big mahogany desk with a green felt blotter and executive stress release toys yelling yes and no into a heavy phone all day? A cramped plastic grey one dominated by an outdated computer with barely enough room to hold a framed picture of your childhood dog? A black slate one with a wave generator and gas line?

Fixing a car is easy. I spent my youth listening to Click and Clack and the solutions come down to a few things:
– replace the constant velocity joints
– the exhaust manifold on your 1982 Mitsubishi is defective. Head to the nearest junk yard and look for a replacement.
– hit it with a hammer

What do you do before you go to bed?


So far she’s probed my profile twice. Maybe she’s too busy to write back because she is looking for a hammer.

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