online dating letter #23

My drummer friend told me to not go out with her.

I have a lot of questions.First, do you drink wine with gummy bears in the drink or are they to the side? Does the vintage matter? Do the colors of the gummy bears need to complement the wine?

Second, while I can understand an aversion to onions (they can be like a kick to the sinuses if not prepared properly) but to not like garlic is surely a sign of communistic tendencies.

Lastly, if I were to be the “rhythm to your beat” would we be in the same time signature? As a musician you have me confused. I can be the melody to your beat. But I’d probably prefer to be the beat.

Thank you for your patience. You may return your tray table to it’s upright and locked position.

Always listen to your drummer. They are barely coherent, mentally dangerous but they know the warning signs better than I do. The date was fine until she mentioned her 19 year old “nephew” that was living with her.

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