Review of online dating profile pictures

After searching through close to 12 million online dating profiles OK Stupid has completed a summary analysis of what people have in their photos.


What guys are photographed with in their online dating profiles

With the popularization of eight minute ab workouts and The Jersey shore we were not surprised that guys think it is a good idea to be shirtless in their photos. Our research indicates that women don’t like this. Actually, the don’t like any of the guys photos. How dates still happen will require more number crunching.

And jeez guys, enough with the golf already.


What women are photographed with in their online dating profiles.We were surprised by the alarmingly large percentage of women that posted photos of themselves with a firearm. 34% of the time the next photo would be of them and their cat or them and a baby. Are these women attempting to project their “mama grizzly” credentials? We don’t know but our math geeks are salivating at the chance to invent some stats to explain this.


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