unanswered dating site query #7

This profile was written by someone coming off of hallucinogens. Or the author was dropped too many times on the head. Oddly, I actually hoped for a response. I have issues.


I find your nonsense exhilarating. While most of it was a confusing swirl of something swirling that swirls in a counter-clock-wise direction (everyone else is going counter-counter-clockwise, but who the hell has a clock these days?) I was pleasantly surprised to read that your legs go all the way down to the floor. Too many of these profiles neglect to mention anything about their leg reach. As for my particular leg reach, well, I find it a little forward that you asked. Let’s just say that I have two of them no matter what that coke fueled Sorkin says.

Is it nap time yet?

I never got a response.

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