A reverse engineering of match percentage calculations

Everyone is scored according to some mystery math – Credit scores, Search Algorithms and Mating Match percentage. Everyone is calculated inside a hidden box. The Math Junkies at OK Stupid have reversed engineered one of the more popular online dating algorithms. You’ll never trust math again.

The Variables:
d, distance from potential mate
a, age range
q, percentage of questions with similar results
r, relevance of question asked
g, grammar score of question asked

Since the questions in this particular algorithm are user generated (ex. would you rather be weird or normal? I’d rather be alive.) the weighting of them, from the best of our calculations is based on the average pollen count in the subjects area for a random Tuesday in 1993. We call it the X factor filter. Follow the math and you’ll see.

Calculations for online dating match percentage.

Calculations for online dating match percentage.

Maybe I should only message those that are my enemies. That math can’t be any less mathy. Probably.

Happy Dating.

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