where to drink a beer

She spends a lot of time thinking about the best place to drink a beer. Her places are limited to the park or a stoop.


Beer in the park or on the stoop all depends on the location, ambient temperature and type of beer. For example, Guinness is not for the outdoors. It’s best had in a woody bar under an overcast sky. On the other hand a 40oz of Old English is best had before going to lockup. The park or the stoop is irrelevant at that point. Actually, it shouldn’t be consumed at all. Except on a dare and only from a close friend. If that close friend dares you to drink that swill then you know they were never really a friend. Or they’re upset that you never returned their lawnmower/hedge trimmer/shotgun. Why don’t you return your friends things? Too busy drinking outside? Hmph.

Anyway, hello.


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