escape plan

She is planning to escape from cubicle land.


I can help you escape from cubicle life. There are a number of options and all of them depend on your personal style.

  • The juvenile: Do a couple of bong hits at your desk.
  • The brazen: Move into someone’s office. When they come back say to them that they must be out of the loop. Out of the loop is corporate death.
  • The timid: Give two weeks notice, but first make sure your resume is up to date and posted on every job board possible. Back out at the last minute.
  • My technique: Return the keys to your office and when management asks what your plans are you say you plan to go to the zoo. Make sure to go to the zoo. The sea lions are hilarious.

Hope this helps. If not, let me know and I’ll come up with some more ideas while staring at the rhinos.


I’m planning to die alone.

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