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This one I really wanted to message for good reasons and not pure nonsense reasons. Based on her profile I should have sent something less me, but what fun would that be?

She said she was an astronomer and wondered if Curiosity was lonely on Mars. Adorable.


I think Curiosity is quite content in Pasadena. Some NASA administrator that has since been disappeared let it slip that the photos back from the so called Red Planet (Communism? Yes.) look strikingly similar to the deserts of Pasadena. Now whether or not Pasadena is real or not, well, don’t get me started.

My eyes are also green and brown and change color depending on what I’m wearing. Or that’s what people tell me. Some of those people also tell me that Mars is real. Either way, I spend about 6 hours a day with said eyes staring into a screen writing (words, code, music, nonsense – mostly nonsense).

In conclusion, if you’ve gotten this far, well, what does that say for your life choices?


Yep. I like this silliness. Seriously. Kill me.

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