online dating letter #62

Every time she moves she wants to find she has less stuff.


I think it would be great if moving vans drove all, or most, of my possessions off of a cliff. A couple of years ago I went traveling for a few months. One of my brothers was kind enough to store a bunch of boxes. When I got back he asked, “What do you want to do with the boxes?” I suggested a bonfire. I’m still not sure what’s in those boxes.

Being afraid of heights is a good thing. They scare me too, but I have to admit hang gliding is a fun way to confront that survival mechanism. I bet sky diving would be too. How about in Bali? I know a great place to eat.


This is getting redundant. No, she didn’t respond. Maybe it’s about time I started posting shirtless photos of myself. Then again it would look like I was wearing a sweater with nipples.

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