online dating letter #47

She doesn’t like baseball, can charm a customs agent and schedules time to eat cookies.


With only an estimated 97.5 years on the planet you should not be wasting any time of it on baseball. I watched a game once when I was 12. It ended when I was… shit, I don’t think it ever ended. Who could tell if it ever ends?

I’ve lived without most things and it is nice, but a toothbrush is key. That’s what separates us from people who watch baseball.

I could have used your custom agent charm a few years ago. A large Tongan custom official wanted a bribe. I was slow to catch on. For punishment he made me watch baseball.

Clearly you are much too advanced for me – I’ve never thought to schedule a specific cookie time. But if you think a person that eats cookies at unspecified intervals might hold some interest for you then I’m here.

I hold out hope for this one. Maybe she has a scheduled time to send replies that has yet to occur.

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