Probability of online dating leading to end times with value K as a constant

We’re not going to lie to you. When this graph was slipped under our door we immediately loaded the shotgun and killed the lights.

The math department has gone non compos mentis. It started last week when they began huffing dry erase markers. All of them, the PHD’s, the dorks and the interns were covered in a war paint of fluorescent markers. Their teeth glowed highlighter yellow and they smelled of violent decay.  Four days ago they stopped wearing clothes.

We hoped they’d get bored of it and decide to dry out. Hope? What the hell were we thinking?

The graph came with the following note:
Let be a hashing function, if for each a,bΠS, ¹ implies f(a) ¹ f(b), we say is a perfect hashing function. And what we say goes. If is your credit rating and n is compromising pictures of your mother then MORE ORANGE MARKERS.

They can add, subtract and fetishize polynomials. Things are not looking good at compound OK Stupid. But the graph looks pretty.

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