online dating letter #22

The letter I sent speaks for itself.


By “breathing the heck out fo some air” do you mean to say that you are asthmatic or that you have the lung capacity of ?

In other news… I think you’ve stumbled on a new business venture – the wine bar and cupcake shop with picnic tables located at a beach. I prefer beaches in the tropics and I’m not sure that I’d be jonezin/jonsen/joans’n for some cupcake flavor with my wine, but tourists will go for anything if you claim it’s authentic to the region. Or if it’s mentioned in Lonely Planet.

Now for the question part of this missive – have you ever had goat cheese cheesecake? Don’t. It’s wrong.


I’m OK that she never¬†replied. A wine bar and cupcake shop? They’ll let any pervert on the Internet these days.

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