online dating intro letter #5

This one wrote in her profile that she thought a lot about the Austrian school of economics and monkeys.


What is it you are thinking about the Austrian school of economics? Do you find their school uniforms too close to the wardrobe of the Von Trapp family?

Perhaps if we could create a mathematical model predicting the behavior of monkeys then we’d understand what mechanisms we could put in place to prevent their rampant thieving ways. Or we could just carry sticks and threaten them. A very nice Hindu suggested that was the only way I could prevent them from stealing my glasses. Now I don’t wear glasses. Monkey 0, Human blind.


I never got a response.

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  • Eiff I hadn’t gone and died on your glorrious day von independence, den I could hev explained much about ze Oostrian school of eekonomics to you and your laydee friend. But unvortunately I am dead and my heart eis not even buried wiv my body. Zese bloody imperial traditions…

    Yoors sincerely (or as sincere as it eis possible to be weiffout a heart),

    Otto von Habsburg
    aka Archduke Otto of Austria (1912-2011)
    aka His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke and Prince Imperial Otto of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia (1916-1918)
    aka Crown Prince of Hungary (1916-1921)
    aka Member of the European Parliament (1979-1999)
    aka Sovereign of the Order of the Golden Fleece (1922-2007)
    aka “Lotsa titles, but where’s me heart?” (2011-)

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