Get the book, sort of 

I wrote OK Stupid the book, rewrote it, and did it again. I sent it off to agents. The one’s that replied, declined. Fair enough. The last rejection had a note in it: “It could use some line editing.” I agree and that’s also one of the reasons I sent it to agents, to get professional […]

Fake math can’t manipulate me 

OK Cupid, that pseudo math student/dating wizard, recently admitted to manipulating their match percentages. The Internet found this shocking. How could they? Don’t they know how seriously people take those numbers? I think this adorable. OK Cupid claims they did this manipulation in order to test the accuracy of their mystical match percentages. I think they […]

How to choose an online dating screen name 

The importance of a screen name cannot be minimized. The screen name is for all intents and purposes your name. This is too much pressure your first time around. After clicking that first link, the one that says sure I’ll give this online dating thing a whirl, you have to identify yourself. The screen name […]

How to write an online dating letter 

Many of you have written asking, “What’s the formula for online dating success?” We don’t know but that won’t stop us from explaining. We’ve shared numerous examples of online dating introduction letters here. If you follow these time tested tips you’re practically guaranteed to die alone. Don’t be generic You browsed through 100’s of profiles looking for […]

fan mail 

Hey irregular readers, Every now and then we get some mail sent to us. We’ve only answered it once and that led to a trip to a small island in Canada and a stalker, but that story is for another time. A couple of days we ago we got this missive: Subject: OMG-Awesome Ha I […]