Do I call? Do I text? What’s the etiquette? 

In this weeks episode of your favorite podcast, OKstupid (subscribe on iTunes now please), I face the modern dilemma of whether it is best to text, call, email or send a fax to get that second date. As usual, my friends advice was less than stellar. What’s your advice? Send a note or write a […]

8 episodes of dating advice 

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Episode 4 – It’s the Internet that is creepy, not me. 

This concludes section 2, Matchmaking throughout human history.

Episode 3 – Matchmaking throughout human history 

The precursors of online dating explored. Want to know how the matchmaking industrial complex started? With Julie Kottakis and Reg Ferguson. Sponsored by Marcey Rader.

Episode 2 of the audio version 

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